Don’t “monkey around” with candy, wrapping paper or coupon books when you can put the power of behind your organization’s fundraising efforts!   You can earn unique Monkey Smacks, which can then be redeemed for valuable prizes!  Use the prizes for raffles, fairs or to reward contributors!  It’s easy to use to earn great merchandise for your organization.  Simply spread the word that your organization can earn MonkeySmacks for every individual who registers as a member!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your Charity—an authorized leader/executive of the charity should register the organization as a “member”—the same way an individual signs up!

  2. Invite as many members of the charity to join-- You get MonkeySmacks for every one that signs up!

  3. Tell the members of your charity to be active on HotTerrain to earn more Monkey Smacks!  Here are some ways they can earn MonkeySmacks:

    • By creating HotTerrain accounts
    • They get MonkeySmacks each day they come back to
    • By inviting their friends to join
    • By clicking banner ads
    • By reading HotTerrain pages
    • By posting photos of your charity events!
  4. Encourage the members of your charity to donate MonkeySmacks.  The can simply click on “Donate MonkeySmacks” and follow the easy instructions to donate the MonkeySmacks to your registered charity!

  5. Redeem MonkeySmacks free stuff, including free i-Tunes®, digital artwork and more!  Use these prizes any way you choose to earn money for your organization!

Click here to begin!

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